Sign Up

Register for your new PaySocial account using our website or by downloading our mobile app, available on iPhone and Android. Enter in the required registration information and create your new PaySocial username and password.


To Verify your account you will need to:

1. Upload a copy of your government issued photo ID (driver's license, medicare card or passport).

2. Upload a copy of a utility bill less then 6-months old (all info must match the info used during your registration process).

3. Verify your email address via email confirmation link, and your mobile phone via SMS confirmation code.

Load Funds

Link your bank account to your PaySocial account and verify. You may then deposit and withdraw funds in and out of your PaySocial account.

Link you credit card to your PaySocial account and verify. You may then use PaySocial to make purchases from participating merchants, both online and in store. You can also deposit and withdraw cash at participating merchants. Transaction limits may vary, as they are set individually by each participating PaySocial merchant.

Use PaySocial

Share the purchases you made using PaySocial and provide a positive review of the merchant on your Facebook profile to earn instant cash back rewards. You receive an average of 5% cash back per shared purchase.

Pay friends, family, co-workers and your monthly utility bills using your PaySocial account. Simply watch a short Ad to waive any transaction fee, thus with PaySocial you can truly transact for FREE.

Refer a Friend

Referring a friend is easy and rewarding with PaySocial through the following steps:

1. Send your friend a money transfer.

2. Your friend will automatically be linked to you as a direct affiliate as soon as they accept the transfer and download the app or register online. An indirect affiliate is a direct affiliate of your direct affiliate.

3. Once any of your direct affiliates fully verifies and deposits funds for the first time into their PaySocial account, you will receive $5.00 CAD instantly into your account.

4. Each time any of your direct or indirect affiliates makes a purchase using PaySocial and chooses to share it using their Facebook profile to earn instant cash back rewards, you will receive a notification. This notification gives you the option to "back-up" your friends share by also sharing their purchase and providing a positive review of the merchant using your Facebook profile. This will entitle you to also earn instant cash back rewards at an average of 1.5%.