User Fees

Transact for FREE* by viewing an in app Ad. You can chose to opt out of viewing the Ad for $1 CAD per transaction (load, withdraw, bill payment, domestic money transfer).

3% fee per any type of credit card transaction which is charged by the credit card companies not PaySocial.

Merchant Fees

Its FREE* to process payments from PaySocial Users using your PaySocial Merchant account.

*Merchants only pay a 10% advertising fee to PaySocial every time a User shares their purchase via their Facebook profile feed.

Account Limits

Listed below are the PaySocial account transaction limits:

  • Minimum $1 CAD per transaction User-to-User.
  • Minimum $1 CAD per transaction User-to-Merchant.
  • Maximum $10,000 CAD per transaction User-to-User.
  • Maximum $100,000 CAD per transaction User-to-Merchant.